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Secret Weapon - High Performance, High Value Fishing Tackle Secret Weapon's mission: redesign and manufacture the best fishing tackle in ways that make it even better... better performance, better results, and better value for you. Everyone needs a secret weapon to count on when money or braggin' rights are on the line. Build your Secret Weapon arsenal today.

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Secret Weapon Quickstrike Spinnerbait The first major advance in safety-pin spinnerbait design in fifty years, the use of Quick-clip, in-line spinner attachments improves performance, increases versatility, and saves time and money.

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Secret Weapon Sidearm Spinnerbait Ultimate versatility, unequaled performance, and unquestionable value. This short arm spinnerbait can be switched from single blade or twin-blade to tandem blade configurations in seconds, without tools.

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Secret Weapon BuzzRbait A flashing spinner blade above the hook draws strikes farther back on this hybrid spinnerbait/buzzbait, increasing hook-up ratio by 50% over conventional spinnerbaits. And since spinnerblades are mounted on Quick-clip blade attachments, they are easily unclipped and replaced for a different look, feel, and sonic signature.

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Secret Weapon Recoil Rig Not even a drop shot rig can make soft molded lures, cut bait, live or preserved baits move in one place in such lifelike ways. With every rod tip twitch, the lure shivers, shimmies, and shakes without moving out of the gamefish's strike zone. Recoil Rig takes the drop shot to new dimensions.

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PACK Component Kit Save space, weight, and money without compromising on options and performance. This kit was designed for kayak anglers but is the perfect foundation for anyone's Secret Weapon arsenal.

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Night Ops Master Pack For night fishing and low light conditions, nothing goes "bump in the night" like Secret Weapon. Each spinnerbait or buzzbait blade configuration has a unique sonic signature attracts more fish in low light conditions, and Recoil Rig's ability to wiggle a soft plastic lure in place for long periods of time alerts night-prowling predators that easily home in on the source.

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Buzz Kill'R Quick-clip Blade Clipped between fishing line and worm or frog hook, the lightweight aluminum in-line buzz blades create a lot of excitement on retrieves. Big worms, swim baits, and frogs are productive behind this rig throughout the warm water months, but a 7-inch lizard is deadly during the spawn.

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Military Gift Certificates The perfect fishing gift is one that helps wounded warriors recapture the freedom and joy of a day on the water fishing from a kayak. Military Gift Certificates purchased here provide tackle and gear for Heroes on the Water.

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Quickstrike Mini-kit With four Quick-clip Spinner Blades per pack, anglers can quickly and easily make dozens of fish-catching combinations from a single Quickstrike Mini-kit. No tools required.

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Secret Weapon Quickstrike SpinnerbaitThe first real change in spinnerbait design and performance in fifty years, Secret Weapon's Quickstrike spinnerbait catches more fish and more species of fish than any other spinnerbait on the lake. [Read more...]


Secret Weapon Sidearm SpinnerbaitVersatility just got bumped up a few more steps with this multi-tool of a spinnerbait. In seconds, without tools, change from a single blade to tandem blade to twin blade or other configuration. [Read more...]


Secret Weapon BuzzRbait hybrid buzzbaitCombining the features of buzzbaits and spinnerbait puts flash and vibration right above the Mustad Ultra Point hook, increasing the hook-up ratio by 50% over conventional buzzbaits. [Read more...]

Recoil Rig

Secret Weapon Recoil RigMake soft plastics come alive in the water. Spectra-encased latex core stretches and snaps back, so that every vibration or twitch of your rod tip imparts lifelike action to your lure whether it's straight down, ten feet back under a dock, or crawling along a submerged stump row. [Buy Now] [Read more...]

Drop Shot Upgrade: Recoil Rig

Drop shot rigs have achieved a whole new dimension with Secret Weapon's Recoil Rig™. Many times more effective than a conventional drop shot presentation, the Recoil Rig makes soft plastic baits virtually come alive! [Buy Now]

As with any drop shot rig, a weight at the end of your fishing line holds the Recoil Rig in place. However, lift your rod to put slight tension on your line, and a mini-bungee cord, actually a Spectra®-wrapped latex band, stretches to about twice it's normal length. Then your lure will mirror every twitch, shake, and vibration of your rod tip in any direction. Even motion as slight as a heartbeat transfers from your hand to the lure.

With conventional drop shot rigs, snapping the rod tip upward causes the lure to rise quickly and drift slowly back down again. The Recoil Rig, however, exerts pull on the lure in both directions. With every twitch and vibration of the rod tip, soft molded lures shimmy, shiver, writhe and swim naturally, even sitting in one spot. You can imagine its effect on lurking gamefish that grew to mammoth size due to ingrained caution. Eventually they detach from cover, drift up close, and with flared gills vacuum up the lure.

Not only is this stationary presentation super-effective, but Recoil Rigs impart lifelike motion to lures being dragged across the lake bottom, too. Pause the retrieve by each stump, piling, or ledge and work the lure in place for fifteen, thirty, sixty seconds or longer to tempt any fish in the vicinity, and then move on to the next. The action this produces is ten times more enticing than is possible with a Carolina rig.

Here's what BASS Times reported about the Secret Weapon Recoil Rig. "Drop shots drive finicky bass to bite, and the tantalizing action inherent in these outfits can be maximized with Secret Weapon's Recoil Rig. The rig basically adds a small bungee-like cord between the main line and the weight. Attached with a simple clip, the lure can be jiggled wildly without pulling the weight off the bottom, aggravating even the most stubborn bass into striking." [Learn More...] [Buy Now]

Fishing Gifts, Tackle Kits, and Component Packs

Secret Weapon's Component packs offer hundreds or thousands of possible spinnerbait and buzzbait configurations. Each wire bait tackle pack comes packaged in a USA-made Plano case that slips into a tackle bag, kayak crate, or boat locker. Recoil Rig component packs are packaged in poly bags that you can keep in your jeans pocket as you fish. Any of these are a great start to your own Secret Weapon arsenal.

Buzz Kill'R Quick-clip Blade Attachment

Secret Weapon Buzz KillR Quick-clip Blade AttachmentSecret Weapon's Buzz Kill'R clips in front of a frog, swim bait, lizard, snake, or paddletail worm. Approximately three inches long, they are fabricated entirely from components manufactured in the U.S., including .035" stainless steel wire and either nickel-plated or polished and lacquered hollow brass beads. The black powder-coated, gold-plated, or polished aluminum blades come in two sizes:
- Large (Size A) is 1-5/8" long and 2" wide
- Medium (Size C) is 1-1/4" long x 1-5/8" wide